Eric Middlesworth owns and runs an All-Danish Computer Peripheral company with headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark.

Having been a recruiter for over 2 decades now, Eric has come to the conclusion that his employees from the African continent and Eurasian countries are highly underrated while the ones from the Indian Subcontinent and Korea are highly overrated.

Eric says that his Eurasian and African employees are some of the hardest working, fastest learning and dedicated people. He says that the male African and Eurasian are also less likely to chase or fall for their female co-workers, which creates a great distraction at work.

Eric claims that his company never imported a single product from the Republic of China and relabel it as their own, which unfortunately, many other American companies have been doing in the disguise of ‘Made in America’.

Eric says that he really compliments the Chinese computer peripherals and how far they have come in such a short span of time, but adds that the Chinese products are still not competent enough and not for the business clients, but rather for the people for whom the smooth business is second and saving money is first.

Eric writes he took the first wank of his life inside a swimming pool with his nympho girlfriend of the time who left him to become a full-time presidential escort.

Eric claims that he has a bulletproof plan to take over one of the largest sex toy manufacturing companies, which I am not going to name here. Eric also says that he has a master plan to take over all of the Nuru Massage Parlours in Denmark, which he claims make over 150, 000 Euros a day, which is helluva money.

Both of Eric’s parents died in a car crash when Eric was only 28 and he hasn’t been able to get over that trauma yet and uses it prudently as his motivation to become more successful.

Leggy Lebanese Aphrodites Waiting For You Wearing Those Yellow Panties

Barwolf Martin from Plano, Texas, is a Sex Blogger and Speech Language Pathologist, who believes many of the Deepfake Porn Videos of the BTS K-Pop stars are not actually deepfake, bur rather real. He claims after these videos went viral, those stars themselves smoothly uploaded those on the Deepfake porn websites, mainly on MrDeepfakes.com, so that the audience tend to believe that they are actually Deepfakes.

For a long time, I didn’t think of sex work as a form of work. I used to slut-shame. Then I once chatted with this model on one of the best cam sites and my view completely changed. She was definitely the most beautiful human being I ever met. She went by the name Aphrodite something. A 5’9″ leggy 25 year old Lebanese woman who only had a couple of bikinis to wear, I liked her the most in her yellow ones. She would ignore the premium voyeurs for the sake of the free voyeurs that she liked talking to and that included me as well. I was a college student back then and she would regularly ask me about how my studies were going and if I were dating someone already.

Bawolf Martin

Barwolf has an Arab Muslim friend who started suffering with priapism after meeting a car accident. After 2 years of getting tired of the suffering and misery that came with this condition called priapism and all the doctors telling him that there is no cure or treatment available anywhere in the world for the condition; He decided to sacrifice his own dick on Eid al Adha instead of a goat, a sheep, a cow or a camel. He is not willing to get through a surgery or anything for a gender change or anything like that. He wants to create a new tradition of the castrated singers in the Islamic world like it once existed in Christianity.

Barwolf knows wife of an Afghanistan veteran whom we will refer to as Catherine here, who lost both his testicles due to a grenade attack in Kabul, Aghanistan.

Catherine never cheated on her husband. She never even watched porn or masturbated as it goes against her religious beliefs and ethics. She regularly ices her pussy, nipples and sometimes even butthole to get rid of the horny. She also regularly eats carrots and bananas to never feel the need to suck a dick. She also regularly eats the Japanese Kyoho grapes so that she never misses out on sucking balls.

Japanese Nobu Bangs His Wife Live On Bongacams For Extra Bucks

I have a friend named Nobu from Kumamoto, Japan. Nobu and his wife work as part-time cam models on Sex Chat Rooms Bongacams, not for the money, but for the fun, yes, money is a part of it, but not the main one. They both wear shades while they are at it as they belong to a conservative family and they don’t want anybody to know that they fuck in front of others, every night.

Once a voyeur recorded their video and uploaded it on the AsianSexDiary, they were so scared that someone will recognize it, I sure did, as I already know that they are cam models and I called them acting all-strange to the situation, because knowing them both, I already knew that they would talk on this topic to me and ask for help. I told them both that they have nothing to worry about and also asked them for the video link telling them that I want to see whether they are identifiable in the video or not. I didn’t tell them that I had seen the entire video before and they were easily identifiable to anyone who already knows them. They sent me the video link, I enjoyed it once again, even jerked-off to it, and then called them back and told them that their shades are so big, even the parents of both of them will not be able to recognize them in the video. They both were more than happy after hearing it.

I have always been infatuated with the wife of Nobu and I jack-off at least once a month, fantasizing, watching her on the live sex cam or watching the same video of her with Nobu.

Retro Game Boxes developer from Florida has been working on to find a VR Porn Studio that will completely run on donations

Christian Barnes from Key West, Florida, owns a manufacturing unit in Orange County that has been involved in making retro game boxes for the past 35 years. Christian’s father founded the company and Christian inherited it from him.

Christian believes that there are aliens on other planets and they have far more varying genders than we do on earth and they also indulge in same sex-marriage. He believes that these aliens can teach us a lot regarding sexuality.

Christian understands that one of Nostradamus’s prophecies is that the women born in the later 1972 would be extremely horny and most of them would be busty. Christian believes that the growing number of the naturally busty young and women roaming around the streets of almost every part of the world and the rapidly growing number of bio pages on Boobpedia.

Christian claims that the data regarding Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) among the pornstars, hookers, erotic masseuses is totally unreliable and the real number is far different.

Christian writes on his blog that if you are a highly sexual man, then find a woman with the built of Karen Fisher, Alura Jenson or Xev Bellringer and you are guaranteed a happy sex life or get her adrenal glands checked. He believes that the women with super-healthy and very large adrenal glands, are highly sexual.

Christian is not happy with the kind of Virtual Reality Porn movies that are being produced and for that reason he has been working on to create the world’s first Virtual Reality Porn studio that will completely run on donations. He recommends watching brazzers free porn movies till then.

Maryland Winery Owner brags about the number of BBW Teens and MILFs he has had over the decades on Hentai Communities

Zion Ebdon is a bisexual man from Anne Arundel County, Maryland. He owns a small winery that he founded 4 years ago. He is also an active sex blogger and Hentai enthusiast often found online on different Hentai online communities (โดจิน).

Zion is in his middle-ages now and he claims that studying Rheology as a hobby really helped him learn how he could maintain his dick size over the decades.

Zion also produced and directed 5 porn movies in the past. He says that never before the porn industry saw such a great cut-throat competition between the female pornstars, especially the ones that are 40 years or older. He adds that never before did the porn industry even have a competition between the GILFs, mainly the 60 plus ones. He believes that Sally D’Angelo and Rita Daniels have contributed to the GILF porn industry more than any other GILF pornstar ever could.

Zion writes on his blog that looking at the hard endeavors of the bosses and scientists working for the porn industry, it looks like that the porn industry will soon be able to reach even greater heights than expected.

Zion has always been obsessed with BBWs. He writes that the BBW teens throw at least ten times the tantrums that the BBW MILFs do and that’s the reason why he has sworn to god that he is never going to date a BBW teen ever again.

Zion believes that the length of a man’s dick has nothing to do with his height. He likes to give example of his own and several other men that he dated. He is 5’6″ and has a 8 inch long dick while he has dated 6’2″ men with 4.5″ long dicks.

The benefits of exercising naked has really made me consider going full-blown ‘Nudist’

If you have been one of the Israeli soldiers or an American Mainstream Pornstar, then you can definitely recall how your bosses used to feed you with tons of Tunisian dates. The Israeli government does it in order to make the soldiers aggressive against the Palestinians and their other neighbors, while the Mainstream American Pornstars are fed the same so that they can act more aggressive in the bedroom.

I don’t want to sound like David Icke or someone similar, but I have been studying the global politics for like 10 years now and I have come to the conclusion that the current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi is there to divide the nation that made him the Prime Minister into tens of different parts, based on religion, race, income groups, etc.

As per my observations, Goa is one of the places on his priority list. He is going to hand over the Indian State of Goa to the Hindus and will place a condition on the Christians belonging to that State, who constitute 45% of that State to either convert to Hinduism or go out of Goa and India. Then, the Latin American countries will form a union and perform an operation to bring the Christians of Goa to their countries, which will then ultimately be converted into labor and sex slaves by these countries.

I have heard greatly about those Russian escorts in Goa and I think that I should enjoy the best of them as much as possible before all these atrocities against the Goans takes place.

According to me, the best option for the Christian population of India is to either convert back to the Hinduism or leave the Goa State and shift to another State of India or another country before they are turned to slaves by the Latin Americans.

I get my blood tested regularly and I was amazed to see that exercising naked for 30 minutes a day, every day of the week, increased the estrogen levels in my blood by around 10% within only one month. I didn’t see any improvement in my estrogen levels when I exercised fully clothed, but when I exercised almost half-naked for a month last year, my estrogen levels increased by about 2% within that month. This benefit of exercising naked has really made me consider going a full-blown nudist.