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The benefits of exercising naked has really made me consider going full-blown ‘Nudist’

If you have been one of the Israeli soldiers or an American Mainstream Pornstar, then you can definitely recall how your bosses used to feed you with tons of Tunisian dates. The Israeli government does it in order to make the soldiers aggressive against the Palestinians and their other neighbors, while the Mainstream American Pornstars are fed the same so that they can act more aggressive in the bedroom.

I don’t want to sound like David Icke or someone similar, but I have been studying the global politics for like 10 years now and I have come to the conclusion that the current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi is there to divide the nation that made him the Prime Minister into tens of different parts, based on religion, race, income groups, etc.

As per my observations, Goa is one of the places on his priority list. He is going to hand over the Indian State of Goa to the Hindus and will place a condition on the Christians belonging to that State, who constitute 45% of that State to either convert to Hinduism or go out of Goa and India. Then, the Latin American countries will form a union and perform an operation to bring the Christians of Goa to their countries, which will then ultimately be converted into labor and sex slaves by these countries.

I have heard greatly about those Russian escorts in Goa and I think that I should enjoy the best of them as much as possible before all these atrocities against the Goans takes place.

According to me, the best option for the Christian population of India is to either convert back to the Hinduism or leave the Goa State and shift to another State of India or another country before they are turned to slaves by the Latin Americans.

I get my blood tested regularly and I was amazed to see that exercising naked for 30 minutes a day, every day of the week, increased the estrogen levels in my blood by around 10% within only one month. I didn’t see any improvement in my estrogen levels when I exercised fully clothed, but when I exercised almost half-naked for a month last year, my estrogen levels increased by about 2% within that month. This benefit of exercising naked has really made me consider going a full-blown nudist.

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